Saturday, October 29, 2016

Black Demon Religion ~ Halloween 2016.

Holy swords brought to this place
Unholy land we would consecrate
Ineffable knights of almighty wrath – His sacred purpose showed us the path
Into the heart of darkness I led my men, in his name the jungle we tamed
This barbaric land was our claim

Heavy cyclopean stone
Choked with vines – overgrown
The temple before us arose from the trees
Pyramid of black
No turning back

To purge those within who toiled in sin
Their service to demons and other dark kin
Through past the gate – to seal their fate
Pyramid of black
Time to attack

The wretched came howling through dimly lit hell
Their simian screams a putrid death knell
We cut down those savages until we were worn
Our strength well spent, these half-men now bent
To the will of our righteous steel

Then the stones groaned, the dust from them blown
By an ominous and evil wind
The howling displaced by the song of that place
The chorus of demons within
For their sons we had tamed, their progeny we maimed
In the pyramid of black
No turning back

Death then came ripping, their curved claws flesh stripping, I dropped my weapon and shield
My men they did take with their ill-tempted fate
Into chambers much deeper their cries growing weaker
Pyramid of black
No turning back

My faith, my penance, my oath – I think of my son – and the things we have done. I'm glad he will never know.

The tomb.
The world.
Here dreams.
Among effigies of men...
Carved from Rosewood...
One for each man lost...

Red nails were hammered through idols of wood
As I lost hope I then understood
The totemic way that they tallied their kills
Then discerp their heads and open their necks
Prophecies told in their bodily spills

Now as I bleed I bow down my head
Cursing this place into which we dared tread
Parts of me skinless and parts of me whole
Parts of me tossed to their young and their old
With my own steel they force me to kneel

Served on an altar – to gods of slaughter!

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